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I graduated from SUNY Albany in 2002 with a degree in Latin Caribbean Studies, Spanish, and Education. After a few years working for corporate America, I founded Tampa Bay Zone Media Company which encompassed television, magazine publishing, and the Internet. I produced & starred in the weekly Tampa Bay Zone television program on the CW network which was rated above Access Hollywood in the Tampa market, and edited and produced a successful perfect bound cocktail table magazine about Tampa. Using my growing set of media skills, I helped establish cutting edge social networking and e-commerce platforms for corporate - customer interactions.

Today, I own and manage a multinational product and service conglomerate with offices in California, New York, Nevada, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah, Arizona, London, and Israel. Manufacturing over 3000 nutritional, CBD, skin, cosmetic and personal care products in the US and abroad, however, my brands have grown to include cannabis, kitchen and outdoor products, biophysical technology products, direct response olfaction products, jewelry, thoroughbred breeding & racing, software information systems, social media marketing & direct sales internet companies.

On social media, my following went over 4.3 million active Viewers on Twitter’s live streaming service, Periscope and I have harnessed my love of people and this special superpower to continue to be the face of my brands. 

Being the change you wish to see in the world comes naturally for me. From Lifestyle, working hard, and sharing talents whether through music or image.  Life gets you where you want to be and I’m here to help.



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