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Kevyn Kelley @thekingzilla


Like many other musicians, my love of music began early in life, hearing songs in the 60’s by James Brown, The Who, Muddy Waters, Sly & The Family Stone and The Beatles.   Later, listening to Jimi Hendrix and all the great Funk bands of the 70's and early 80's , I was motivated to want to make music.  One day alone in a Toledo, Ohio church, I got up behind a drum kit and instantly had the ability to play as if I had been playing forever.  Moving to Victorville, California in my late teens, I met Traa Daniels, who many years later would be the bassist for the world-famous multi-platinum band P.O.D and we played together in my first band, Touch.    My creativity skyrocketed during those early years before moving to Las Vegas.  Playing in the Vegas underground scene in the early nineties gave me the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best alternative rock funk players alive.  In 1994, as a member of Cassisusslade, I signed the first of many record deals and was able to play and learn from the leader of the group SUGAPOP, who had worked with performers like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J and Sheila E.  During my development as a musician, I had the great fortune to expand my art as the drummer for the Kenneth Feld’s Madhattan Show on the Las Vegas Strip as well as drumming for Arnold Schwarzenegger Inner City Games,  the Oak Ridge Boys, Gene Simmons and Acid & Pearls, who was voted the best rock band by the United Kingdom’s Wigwam Radio.  


Recently, after many conversations with my long-time friend Traa Daniels, he convinced me that doing original music was my true path in the music world.  In fact, he gave me the name KingZiLLa and together we came up with my new group concept.   After four steady years of writing music, I met up with Blake, a lyricist and rapper, and we began putting out independent content without the constraints of a label.  As I evolved my sound, I realized that certain songs I wrote just did not fit the KingZiLLa vibe, so I created a band theme I called MANIC SOUND EXPULSION.  Later, I added Sadie Stebbins, an acquaintance of a someone who I helped with a music score to Manic Sound Expulsion and less than one year later, on May 22, 2020, we dropped our first album  - A SOUND EXPERIENCE FOR THE LOVELESS.  


It is great having a partner that is as driven, focused and business minded as I am and most importantly that has a love for the artistry of what is being created.  We are MANIC SOUND EXPULSION and we hope you enjoy our music with the heart that created it.

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