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The Origin of the CBD Song


CBD Changes Lives

Tyler's Story

We are celebrating the remarkable journey of Tyler Watts from terminal cancer and untreatable infection to complete health.  May 1, 2020 was the one-year anniversary of Tyler being declared cancer free.  We have been corresponding with Tyler and his family during this year, so we knew that his recovery was total and that his health has been remarkable. 

For those of you new to us, Tyler is a married father of four who had been diagnosed with Melanoma in early December of 2018.  After his initial surgery on the upper side of his neck, his oncologists told him he would be fine.  They were wrong.  The surgical wound never healed properly, causing a gaping infection the size of a baseball on his neck at the base of his brain.   Additionally, the cancer was not contained and spread to his lymph and lungs.  For 100 plus days, the repeated treatments failed; hope was lost…and all treatments were stopped.  In late March, our team's key scientist met Tyler on a phone call from a mutual friend, who believed Tyler should try CBD as a last resort when doctors gave up.  Tyler received three specially formulated hemp and terpene products, two topicals, and one ingestible.  After five days of use, the untreatable infection that had literally left an entire section of bone exposed had left his body and the wound had healed over.  It was completely closed!  One month later, on May 1st, Tyler visited his oncologist to obtain new scans and he was pronounced CANCER FREE. 

Those events started a lasting, lifetime friendship between Tyler and his family and many of the people here. We talk together many times a week and look forward to seeing each other.  We are happy to report that over one year later Tyler remains in fantastic health and continues to be cancer-free.  Yes, he has a scar to remind him of the events but other than troubling memories of the disease he and his entire family are doing great.  His little daughter had her second birthday and fortunately, Daddy’s little girl will never know the trauma some of the rest of his family endured.  Tyler continues to use CBD and terpenes daily; he especially enjoys the terpene enhanced weight loss product The Zappetite NING, and shares products with his family and others in his friendship circles.  Courage, resolve, love, and CBD equal much better health for so many people.  While Tyler’s story is incredible, there are many others like him and scores of others who have been helped to better health with less invasive issues. 

We support Tyler in his continued health as we support each of you in yours.  Please listen to the song written, co-performed, and produced about CBD with award-winning musicians that featured a personal testimonial from Tyler about the power of CBD in the song.  

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